About Us

RBM Wealth Management is promoted by a team of financial professionals with an objective to provide back office and technology support to the channel partner. www.rbmwm.com is a web portal of M S Global Securities & RBM Wealth Management.

RBM Wealth Management empower small and medium sized Independent Financial Advisor such as Life Insurance agent / Mutual Funds Advisor / General Insurance Agent or any individual to work as a company and reach to a million of customers with assurance of service.

We empower our advisor with dedicated back office team and technology, so that they can build businesses and create value of service to their client.

RBM Wealth Management is a pioneer of Resolute Back office Model. A company without sales team which ensure service to all the client of every channel partner with a assurance of no cross sales of any financial product to any client of any channel partner. we aim to build an ecosystem which is a future of financial service distribution and advisory.

RBM Wealth Management mission is to enable Channel Partner to do business anywhere in every financial services . we enable channel partner to transform the way they advice, operate and improve their efficiencies. we provide back office and technology support to help our channel partner to engage with their customer and operate in more efficient way .

Products & Services we offer